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  • Air & Me Gota wit
  • Air & Me Gota wit
  • Air & Me Gota wit
  • Air & Me Gota wit
  • Air & Me Gota wit
  • Air & Me Gota wit
  • Air & Me Gota wit

Air & Me Gota wit


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  • Voor ruimtes tot 30 m²
  • 3 liter watertank
  • Geluidsniveau 35 dB
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  • Voor ruimtes tot 30 m²
  • 3 liter watertank
  • Geluidsniveau 35 dB

Product informatie

Informatie over Air & Me Gota wit

The new ultrasonic humidifier made for you
In 2015, the French expert of air treatment, is proud to present you his new patented function: Hygrosmart.
Thanks to Hygrosmart, Gota New is now able to regulate the relative humidity of a room on its own.

Moreover, Gota New has new features; a 3 liters translucent tank, a built-in night light (switchable), an auto stop when the tank is empty and a mat paint.
The Gota Humidifier is our easiest product to use.

Compact and discreet, it perfectly fits in every rooms. You can put it everywhere in your house (bedside table, shelf…)
With its cartridge filter Gota New assure you a wholesome diffusion, without odour and bacterias. It available in white or black colours. Also exist a kid version.

Why Humidify your home ?
When temperatures drop, you turn on your heat, consequently the relative indoor humidity decrease. The temperature difference dries up the indoor air - usually around 20 to 30%, while the optimal humidity range is 45-55%.

Breathing dry air is a potential health hazard which can cause such respiratory problems as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and nosebleeds, or general dehydration since body fluids are depleted during respiration. Most common symptoms are dry eyes, eczema, itchy skin, dry nasal passages, cracked lips and nosebleeds due to dry air. When relative humidity rises, wood absorbs moisture from the air. When relative humidity falls, wood emits moisture back into the air. A low humidity can be the cause of cracks or separations at the seams.

What is the best solution? A humidifier is able to increase humidity in the air in a safe, water vapor form to help make your home healthy and comfortable.

What is an ultrasonic humidifier?
An ultrasonic humidifier broadcasts humidity by breaking the water molecules using an ultrasonic condenser. You can see the product operating as steam will lift from the humidifier.

What are the benefits of Gota?
Gota is our simplest air humidifier ever. Being simple also means being very reliable. This air humidifier is compact and has a design that can integrate seamlessly in all homes. You can place it everywhere: on a bedside table, on the floor or an a shelf.
With its filtration cartridge (not included), Gota will propagate humidity that is clean and devoid of bacteria or odours.
Gota exists in three colours : white, black and pink.


Specificaties van Air & Me Gota wit


  • Artikelnummer 372568084
  • EAN 3700459000992

Belangrijkste kenmerken

  • Kleur Wit

Gewicht en omvang

  • Breedte 220 mm
  • Diepte 220 mm
  • Hoogte 390 mm
  • Gewicht 1,17 g


  • Kleur van het product Wit


  • Kleur van het product Wit


  • Kleur van het product Wit


  • Geluidsniveau 35 dB


  • Geluidsniveau 35 dB

Cooker hood

  • Geluidsniveau 35 dB


  • Geluidsniveau 35 dB


  • Typisch stroomverbruik 30 W
  • Capaciteit watertank 3 l
  • Soort voeding AC
  • Verdampingstechnologie Ultrasonic
  • Operationele tijd 10 uur
  • Geschikt voor kamers tot en met 30 m²


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Informatie van Air & Me

Informatie van Air & Me