Liebherr GKPv 1470-43/924 Koelkast zonder vriesvak
  • Liebherr GKPv 1470-43/924
  • Liebherr GKPv 1470-43/924

Liebherr GKPv 1470-43/924

Koelkast zonder vriesvak



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  • C
  • 400 l en meer
  • Zonder vriesvak

Product informatie

Informatie over Liebherr GKPv 1470-43/924

Digital temperature display
The digital temperature display indicates the refrigerator’s interior temperature to the exact degree. This can be easily read from the outside to give users immediate information and without the need to open the appliance.

Stainless steel housing
The outer housing is constructed using single-sheet side panels without any gaps, making it extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Stainless steel is a highly robust, stainless, alloy steel – perfect for the requirements of the professional sector.

Forced air cooling
Highly efficient fans cool freshly stored produce quickly and maintain an even refrigeration temperature throughout the interior.

Efficient refrigeration system
Liebherr guarantees the outstanding quality of its refrigeration systems through expertise derived from decades of experience in the refrigeration technology sector, and through continuous research and development. By employing only premium-quality compressors, condensers, evaporators and other refrigeration components the energy consumption and operating costs of Liebherr appliances are significantly reduced.

Upward-hinged, detachable unit compartment cover
The refrigeration components are safely integrated into the upper section where they can be easily accessed. For cleaning or servicing purposes, the compressor compartment cover can be easily opened on an upward hinge to guarantee excellent accessibility, so it possible to easily clean the filter on the condenser, which is positioned behind the unit compartment cover, without having to move the appliance.

The stylishly contoured SwingLine design of these appliances makes them the number one choice if you are looking for impeccable design-tech specifications. With elegantly sweeping lines, these Liebherr appliances are a visually-appealing and stunning highlight in any professional environment. The SwingLine doors are ergonomically designed, easy to clean, and easy to open thanks to the full-length integrated grip handle.

Temperature alarm
The integrated temperature alarm indicates if the lower or upper alarm thresholds have been breached. It uses both acoustic and visual signals to provide maximum security for goods that have been stored.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants
Refrigerants R600a and R290 are environmentally friendly – they have a minimal greenhouse effect and no ozone depletion potential – and therefore, they have almost completely replaced those previously used (R134a and R404a). All Liebherr impulse sales chest freezers use R600a or R290 as refrigerants and offer outstanding energy efficiency, which improves their CO2 footprint and promotes sustainability.


Specificaties van Liebherr GKPv 1470-43/924


  • Artikelnummer 372534590
  • EAN 9005382211557

Gewicht en omvang

  • Breedte 1430 mm
  • Diepte 830 mm
  • Hoogte 2160 mm
  • Gewicht 187 kg


  • Kleur van het product Roestvrijstaal
  • Materiaal behuizing Roestvrijstaal

Technische details

  • Kleur van het product Roestvrijstaal


  • Kleur van het product Roestvrijstaal


  • Gewicht verpakking 233 kg


  • Automatisch ontdooien (koelkast)
  • Draairichting deur verwisselbaar
  • Kastontwerp Vrijstaand
  • No Frost system
  • Brutocapaciteit koelkast 1427 l
  • Ingebouwd display
  • Stroom 2,5 A
  • Stroomgebruik per dag 2,823 kWh/24u
  • Met slot
  • Temperatuur alarm
  • Koelkast temperatuurbereik -2 - 15 °C
  • Koelend medium R 290


  • Energie-efficiëntieklasse C
  • Jaarlijks energieverbruik 1031 kWu
  • AC invoer frequentie 50 Hz
  • AC invoer voltage 220 - 240 V


  • Nettocapaciteit koelkast 1079 l
  • Aantal planken koelkast 8
  • Koelkast binnenverlichting


  • Materiaal behuizing Roestvrijstaal


  • Soort bediening Knoppen


  • Soort bediening Knoppen


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Informatie van Liebherr